Using Element Web

  1. Head to and click "Sign In"

  2. In the username box type in your Matrix ID (e.g. Enter your password in the other box and click "Sign in".

  3. Click on "Send a Direct Message" and type in my Matrix ID:

  4. When you click "Go" a new chat will be created and a pop-up in the top left will ask about setting up "Secure Backup". This allows you to securely save the secret keys used to encrypt your messages, so that you will always be able to read your old encrypted messages.

  5. Choose "Continue" in the "Set up Secure Backup" pop-up, check that the "Security Key" option is selected and click "Continue" again.

  6. You will be shown a collection of random letters. Use the "Download" button to save these to a file before continuing. If you ever sign out of all your Matrix clients this file can be used to regain access to your encrypted messages.

  7. Now you're ready to send me a message! Type something in and use your Enter key to send.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0